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Sewing Patterns:
   Apron Sewing Patterns
   Childrens' Sewing Patterns
        Infants' & Toddlers'
        Children's & Teens'
        Childrens Pajama Sewing Patterns
        Mother-Daughter, Father-Son
   Costume Sewing Patterns
   Craft Sewing Patterns
        Miscellaneous Holidays
           Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, etc.
        Snowman Sewing Patterns
   Dolls & Doll Clothes
        Crochet & Knitted Dolls & Doll Clothes
        Books for Sewing Dolls & Doll Clothes
        Fashion Dolls (Barbie, Revlon, etc.)
   Home Decor Sewing Patterns
        Bathroom Sewing Patterns
        Bedroom Sewing Patterns
        Kitchen Sewing Patterns
        Nursery Sewing Patterns
        Pillow Sewing Patterns
        Curtain Sewing Patterns
   Ladies'Sewing Patterns
        Accessories (for Ladies and Kids)
        Blouses & Tops
        Coats & Jackets
        Dresses & Suits
        Lingerie & Sleepwear
        Pants & Skirts
        Wrap Pants & Skirts
        Plus Sizes
        Retro 60s-70s
        Swimsuits, Workouts & Bodysuits
        Wardrobe (separates)
        Wedding & Dressy
        Wedding Veils & Accessories
   Men's Sewing Patterns
        Men's & Unisex
        Men's & Unisex Sleepwear
   Pets Sewing Patterns
   Special Needs Patterns for the Handicapped
   Uniforms, Scrubs, Clergical, Choir, Ethnic, & Square Dance
   Vintage Sewing Patterns
        Vintage Bargains
        Vintage Infants & Children's
        Vintage Ladies' Coats & Jackets
        Vintage Ladies' Dresses
        Vintage Ladies' Lingerie & Swimsuits
        Vintage Maternity
        Vintage Ladies' Wardrobe (Separates)
        Vintage Ladies' Wedding & Dressy
        Vintage Men's
NEW! Hand Crocheted Potholders

Tole Painting Books

Embroidery Transfers

Fabric Craft Panels

Books, Leaflets, & Instructons
   Beading and Jewelry Books
   Candlewicking Books
   Crochet, Knitting, Tatting & Other Needlework
   Counted Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Embroidery,
       & Gingham Check Embroidery or Chicken Scratch
   Plastic Canvas Books
   Macrame, Knotting, Lacing, & Bows
   Quilting, Applique, and Decorated Clothing
   Quilting and Sewing Supplies
   Sewing, Crafts, & Miscellaneous, including Sewing Machine Manuals
   Stencils & Stenciling
   Weaving, Huck Embroidery, Hardanger, & Net Darning
   Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Inc.

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