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      I've made several wedding veils in my time, and I must admit to getting lost in all that tulle at least once during each project! But each one turned our beautifully, just the right length and style to suit the bride, and when you can't find just the right headpiece, make your own! Wedding veils, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, garters, hankies, gifts for the bridesmaids, and sweet sachets are all here among our wedding accessories sewing patterns. Have a beautiful wedding, and don't forget the accessories! You can find more wedding accessories strewn among our patterns listed at Wedding & Formal Sewing Patterns, Vintage Wedding & Dressy, Costume Sewing Patterns, and Lingerie Sewing Patterns.

Description: 6 Bridal veils. A, E & F attach to wreath headpieces. B & C blusher veils attach with comb. D blusher veil with ribbon trim attaches to headband. All views have purchased flowers, headpieces, and/or combs. (5 in stock.)

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 4126 Item #: PM4126-0 Size: One Size Price: $16.00

Description: Collection of bridal veils. All have purchased combs and/or headpiece. Length variatios. This is a fat pattern envelope! (7 in stock.)

Condition: Uncut.

Butterick 4649 Item #: PB4649-0 Size: One Size Price: $16.00

Description: Bridal headpieces and veils. Headpieces are held in place with flexible wire combs. Hip length or elbow length veil. V1 veil is attached to headband trimmed with fabric flowers. V2 with veil attached to lined cap has lace trim. V3 veil is attached to a fabric bow.

Condition: Partially cut, complete.

Simplicity 9420 Item #: PS9420-0 Size: One Size Price: $15.00

Description: Bridal veils by Alicyn Exclusives. Eight different veil headpieces and one hat veil. Also published as McCall's 2057. (3 in stock.)

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 7984 Item #: PM7984-0 Size: One Size Price: $15.00

Description: Alicyn Exclusives. Bridal veils in five styles.

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 3508 Item #: PM3508-0 Size: One Size Price: $15.00

Description: Design your own bridal veils, headpieces, and shoe decorations.

Condition: Only a few pieces cut, complete.

Simplicity 8463 Item #: PS8463-0   Price: $14.00

Description: Bridal veils and headpieces.

Condition: Sections are cut apart and misfolded, but the pattern pieces are uncut.

Simplicity 8509 Item #: PS8509-0 Size: One Size Price: $14.00

Description: Alicyn Exclusives. Bridal veils, bows, and headpieces. (2 in stock.)

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 5204 Item #: PM5204-0 Size: One Size Price: $15.00

Description: Lovely wedding accessories - gloves, hanky, garter, shoe stuffers, potpourri sachet, linerie bag, covered hangers, decorative basket, picture frame, pillow, and rice rose. Also published as McCall's 4207.

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 6969 Item #: PM6969-0 Size: One Size Price: $15.00

Description: Lace Delights including hair ornaments, satin and lace hearts wreath, shirred heart photo frames, heart sachets, towel cover-up, ring bearer pillow, covered coat hangers, stuffed bunny, goose, and chick, and potpourri cup.

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 3427 Item #: PM3427-0   Price: $15.00

Description: Wendy Everett. Wedding accessories including wishing well in 4 diameters (12", 14", 16", and 18"); fan, nosegay, umbrella with ribbon roses. Purchased umbrella and fan.

Condition: Uncut.

Butterick 6277 Item #:PB6277-0   Price: $16.00

Description: No-sew bridal accessories including wedding headpieces, corsage, bouquet, and basket. (2 in stock.)

Condition: Pattern pieces weren't printed for this pattern, just the instructions.

Simplicity 7091 Item #: PS7091-0 Price: $14.00

Description: Especially Sentimental...bridal garter, ring pillow, handkerchief, purse, lingerie bag, jewelry box, sachet, and frame. (2 in stock.)

Condition: Uncut.

McCall's 8524 Item #: PM8524-0   Price: $15.00

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