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Vintage Aprons - Ready To Wear

Unless otherwise stated, we have one of each item


      These are lovely vintage aprons. A few are newer. They will come to you clean, pressed, softly folded and stored in a plastic bag, ready for you to wear or add to your apron collection. We recommend you remove them from the plastic and store them in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight. I do not wash aprons that appear to be unused.
      Vintage aprons were typically homemade from inexpensive, recycled, or found fabrics, and the sewing skills and workmanship of the makers varies. As with other vintage linens, you can expect these aprons to show minor blemishes, repairs, stains, and other imperfections that occur from normal wear. We'll describe any significant damage. If we don't mention any blemishes, it's because we didn't see anything. If you're looking for a perfect apron that looks like it just came from the cooking store, these may not be what you're looking for. We have great respect for these old ladies, and we hope you'll enjoy them, too. Want to make your own apron? We have lots of apron patterns for sale.

Off-white or natural color barbeque style apron made from heavy fabric. Has one large pocket. Pocket has a slight water stain, otherwise, no damage or wear noted.

Off-White BBQ Item #: AP25 Price: $16.00

Happy Thanksgiving 1996 barbeque apron has a screenprinted scarecrow, cornstalks, pumpkins, and crow.

1996 Thanksgiving BBQ Apron Item #: AP48 Price: $10.00

Souvenir apron from Italy. Barbeque style, black apron with decal decoration. Doesn't look worn.

Bella Italia BBQ Item #: AP26 Price: $26.00

Heavy barbeque style apron for your Avon Representative. Off-white with red trim.

I'd Rather Be Selling Avon Item #: AP45 Price: $22.00

Description: Barbeque style apron has a screen printed scene of a cat in the punch bowl. 33" long. There are a few small food stains.

Cat In The Punch Bowl BBQ Item #: AP60 Price: $16.00

Description: Barbeque style apron has a screen printed scene of seafood gumbo recipe. 33" long, 33" across waist. A few soiled spots from sitting on the shelf.

Seafood Gumbo BBQ Item #: AP66 Price: $22.00

This cotton plaid apron has been well used and has several small holes. It has two pockets and is trimmed with yellow seam binding.

Copper & Yellow Waist Item #: AP083 Price: $18.00

Green plaid waist apron has one patch pocket and has a flat construction with no gathers or ruffles. A patch has been mended on the back of the apron, near the upper left of the pocket. 24" across waist, 22" long.

Green Plaid Waist Item #: AP17 Price: $16.00

Pieced pink and blue chevron/heart waist. Has several grease stains from cooking.

Pink/Blue Pieced Waist Apron Item #: AP6 Price: $22.00

Description: Brown gingham check apron embroidered with simple cross stitch in gold thread. One pocket. Waist is smocked.

Brown Chicken Scratch Waist Item #: AP928 Price: $25.00

Description: Pink gingham check waist with rick-rack and chickenscratch embroidery. 18" wide at waist, 19" long.

Pink Gingham Waist Item #: AP63 Price: $22.00

Souvenir of Newfoundland is a typical souvenir apron with off-white fabric printed with scenes from that country.

Newfoundland Item #: AP0824 Price: $30.00

Black waist apron has woven trim and pockets along bottom. 17" across waist, 17" long.

Woven Trim Black Waist Item #: AP31 Price: $18.00

This was made from a pre-printed fabric craft panel. It has a pie-making scene on a white background, green polka-dot ties and binding, quilted yoke. This has been used quite a lot and is faded, with quilting stitches broken. 18" across waist, 18" long.

Pre-printed Quilted Waist Item #: AP16 Price: $10.00

Black printed waistress-style waist apron with 4 pockets running all the wway across the front bottom of the apron. Has yellow/orange floral bouquet print. The tie ends run through the waistband like a casing to adjust for size. It is well worn but doesn't show any damage.

Black Waitress Waist Item #: AP18 Price: $22.00

Description: Striped and printed waist apron has a free-floating pocket that was trimmed with black baby rick-rack and stitched into the waistband. 17" across waist, 19" long.

Striped Waist Apron Item #: AP98 Price: $26.00

Description: Striped waist apron has two saddle pockets, red rick-rack trim, and a bottom ruffle. 19" across waist, 24" long.

Green and Blue Striped Waist Item #: AP96 Price: $22.00

Description: Lavender check wiast with decorated pocket and white chevron pieced edge. 17" wide across waist, 21" long.

Lavender Check Waist Item #: AP78 Price: $28.00

Description: White/blue/lavender waist has one pocket. 21" wide across waist, 23" long.

Blue & Lavender Printed Waist Item #: AP74 Price: $23.00

Description: Child's waist apron is white with printed red rose buds. One pocket. 13" wide across wiast, 17" long.

Child's Rosebud Waist Item #: AP94 Price: $18.00

Description: Blue and white waist apron has inset front ruffle and two inset pockets. Blue bias tape binding. 18" wide across waist, 18" long.

Blue & White Waist Item #: AP92 Price: $26.00

Description: Border print waist apron has black background with small yellow trellised flowers. The border print is of a Parisian-type street scene. One pocket. 16" wide across waist, 26" long.

Black Parisian Waist Item #: AP65 Price: $30.00

Description: Green Christmas print waist apron. Print has holly, roses, and white poinsettias in a border print. 23" wide across waist, 21" long.

Green Christmas Holly Waist Item #: AP70 Price: $24.00

Description: Waist apron is of blue and pink print fabric and pink rick-rack trim. It's a bit faded in front. 22" wide across waist, 24" long.

Blue & Pink Waist Item #: AP69 Price: $28.00

Description: Black plaid waist is accented with red solid fabric. Red scalloped border, one pocket. 24" wide at waist, 30" long.

Black Plaid Waist Item #: AP68 Price: $28.00

Description: Yellow print check waist has extra long tie ends, one pocket, and has a handkerchief border. 19" wide across waist, 22" long.

Yellow Check & Hankie Waist Item #: AP67 Price: $32.00

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